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Meet Ansible


Since the moment i started using SSH to manually configure my servers i noticed the issues with this approach. I was going over and over to my servers to perform the same tasks. If i am doing the same thing every time, why can’t i just write a script to automate the process? Well, you […]

Setting a testing/deployment pipeline for your Django app using Codeship and AWS CodeDeploy


If you have been working with Django (and probably web in general) you must be already used to doing deployments this way (assuming you do testing): Run the tests for my app SSH to my server Set up my repository and clone the branch i want to deploy. If that was already done, then pull […]

Dockerizing Django Apps


Docker is an open platform for building, shipping and running distributed applications. It gives programmers, development teams and operations engineers the common toolbox they need to take advantage of the distributed and networked nature of modern applications. Containerization provides several advantages like faster provisioning or isolated and easy to recreate environments. If you don’t know what containerization […]

Customize virtulahosts on WHM/Cpanel


  WHM/CPANEL is the most popular Shared Hosting panel in the world, even if It is used mostly for HTML/PHP, it comes with a very good interface to manage and assign users and resources to users willing to host 1 or more websites. Every time an user creates or modifies information about a site, host, […]