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We believe that clients should never have to ask about the status of a project, task, or issue because we should be transparent and proactive in providing these status reports.

We also believe that a day should not go by without a customer's question being answered, phone call returned, or email replied.


We are an agile development company, which means that we focus on the most important priorities at any given time and deliver results in a continuous, iterative fashion.



We take our job and responsibilities seriously and strive to provide absolute best-in-class professionalism, competence, and responsiveness in everything we do ranging from business analysis to user-centered design to technical advisory services.


Our curiosity helps us grow, seek things out, solve problems, and find answers to problems. We want to know how things work, why things don't work, and how things could work better.



We believe that a system is worthless if real people cannot easily figure out how to use it. Systems must be designed from a user's perspective and in coordination with users.

Our user stories have a definition of done written from the perspective of the target audience. We validate requirements and code through user testing.


We prefer to mitigate risk, plan ahead, think things through, and prevent problems. We lean forward with transparency and initiative.



Because we believe in seeking and employing the best people around the world, regardless of where they live, we are able to offer a distributed, remote workforce that does not waste time or money commuting into an office.

This allows us to reduce our costs and provide higher value to our clients.