Swapps Laboratory

The Swapps Lab is a space where creativity knows no bounds!
We develop products that solve recurring problems and/or repetitive tasks in everyday life. We have a team of developers, designers, user experience specialists, among other professionals, creating all kinds of technological projects.

swapps lab

Wizard World

Devex Wizard World is an innovative platform for developers that streamlines workflow and communication with an intuitive interface and advanced tools. It enhances productivity and collaboration in a dynamic and agile environment. It allows for exploring resources and tools for professional and personal development.



Backpro is an application designed to automate the operational tasks of insurance brokers, making it easier to access information about their clients and policies, and providing key data for managing their business.


Deploycloud is a platform where you can fully automate the deployment workflow of your projects.

You can define how to configure your server, what packages and versions to install, and set up the required variables for the project to function.



Automate the way you charge your clients. You provide what to charge and to whom, and Instacobro will take care of ensuring you receive the payment.


The advanced reporting tool that integrates information from different tools you use as a contractor:

Track time, project management tools, and invoicing to provide real-time information to your clients about project budget status.


WP Project

A WordPress maintenance platform.

Get a powerful, user-friendly, fast, and secure
WordPress site.

Keep your website updated and implement new functionalities with much less effort.