Full Stack Web and Mobile developer specialized in Python/Django for backend and HTML5/CSS3, AngularJS for the front-end. Andres has worked in the design, architecture, implementation and deployment of custom solutions using Python/Django with great results. Obsessed for the performance of the applications by using the right technologies and following the best practices.

I get it, building a remote-based business is not an easy task. It requires some ingredients to get to a point where the business can be even more efficient than a physical-based one. These last days several people have been forced to work from home because of the current pandemic situation. If it’s not easy […]

This is a very common question when starting a new web project: Should I pick a CMS (Content Management System)? Or should I implement a custom web application? And this is a fair question for a technical or non-technical person because each option has advantages and disadvantages depending on the context. It is important to […]

Back in 2010, Vincent Driessen wrote “A successful Git branching model”. It provided a great model to develop applications in an organized repository and following semantic versioning concepts, so the teams were able to plan releases, implement features and hotfixes knowing and reflecting the changes on the GIT repository consistently. At Swapps, we highly relied […]

If you are a developer working with python, you should be using VirtualEnv to manage requirements for your projects and Virtualenwrapper to make your life easier with useful shortcuts. Virtualenvwrapper has a very good documentation and python installation with Homebrew is straightforward, but It’s incredible to see that on every developer’s computer I help, I […]

I was a JIRA evangelizer for several years, as the best solution for a software development company working with Agile methodologies. I have to be thankful, because with JIRA I was able to plan and execute the development of several projects during the last years. This blog is not to complain about tools. Actually, I […]

My first job as a developer, in 2009, was remotely. And although this experience was positive, I do not know when I became a detractor of remote work. I think it was when I went from being a developer to leading work teams for a North American company where I started working later. In 2012, […]

The first time I had to use an agile methodology was in 2009 when I was working in a company from Germany as a web developer with a small team of 4 people. I was introduced to that weird methodology called “Scrum”. What I got in that time from Agile is that we had to […]

Last 2 years we have seen so many vulnerabilities affecting big organizations that come from software issues to even bugs with SSL protocol. Despite that, the human factor continues to be the main security problem. Why would you force a system to get something if you can just get it by using the front door? […]

Unlike distributed teams, when we work with a team in person and in an office, the first thing we do is at least say hello, we can even have an informal conversation, because we are people! On the other hand, when we need something from another coworker, we usually ask for the favor, among many […]

Websites with high traffic need to serve the same content several times to different users. Depending on your application, It can be really expensive (resources talking) to process all the application logic every time a user requests web page. Here is where server caching comes, you can just a save temporary copy of the content in […]

Every time I do an interview with a candidate I emphasize that we are a software development company, we are not a marketing, advertising agency or a company trying to do many things at once. We make software and we do it with the best possible quality. For this we have a great team of […]