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A monkey patch, as defined in wikipedia, is a way for a program to extend or modify supporting system software locally (affecting only the running instance of the program). Why is monkey patching important? Because it allows us to adjust interfaces and modify behaviors for our classes and objects at runtime, making it easier to […]

To keep your infrastructure under control, one of the most important tools is the monitoring. You need to know what’s the status of your servers, services and applications. There are several challenges to this. There are some very interesting solutions, like the ones proposed by Netdata or NewRelic. I wanted to try another tool that […]

Deeplearning is a hot topic right now. Since artificial neural networks got relevance again, new architectures, tools, methodologies and applications have been born. One of the biggest challenges when working with neural networks is the training, and the high computational cost associated with it. To have an idea, AlexNet had 55x55x96 neurons at the output […]

With the popularity that deep learning has acquired recently, artificial neural networks have become very relevant in the world of AI. Artificial neural networks are not a new concept, they have suffered for a long time before being recognized as a powerful tool. If you review the history of artificial neural networks, you will find […]

Quick iterations are essential to test concepts, discard bad ideas and get focused on what  may actually solve our problem. When I first started using Python, I used scripts for everything. Scripts are awesome to automate stuff and can be easily integrated into bigger programs. They work, but are they perfect? The definitely introduce some […]

Every single time I had to upload an app to the app stores, it was a pain…until I met fastlane! At our company, there was always someone that ended up in charge of releasing new app versions to the store, and it could take that person around 1 hour to make changes, review details, release […]

Flutter is a framework for mobile UIs. If you check the description on their site, they present flutter as: Flutter is Google’s mobile app SDK for crafting high-quality native interfaces on iOS and Android in record time. I have used Cordova, Ionic/Ionic 2 and React native and was trying out QT Mobile. I was looking for some tool […]

I had an application that required loading some images and performing operations on them. Depending on the size of the images, the memory requirements of the application could make the whole system crash. This needed to be stopped… or at least understood. Looking around, I found several tools to diagnose my problem, and I tried […]

Information is power, and people like power, so there are people specialized on stealing your information. Internet is in an arms race between security experts and malicious agents, where every day new vulnerabilities are discovered, abused and patched. It is never a problem of “if it happens” but a problem of “when will it happen”. […]

You just picked up this framework named Django, played around with it’s ORM for a while and you love how easy you can work with it. You start to notice that your perfect page is taking ages to load. You check your django-debug-toolbar and you find that your view has more than 100 queries!!! This […]

Once you have a site on production, new needs start showing up. For us one of those needs was to be able to send information to our users when something was happening to the application, like some update or maintenance. There are two simple approaches to this issue: Create a notification system and send the […]