Slack is a demonstration of how our society has evolved, where artificial intelligence has a place because of the unlimited possibilities with its integrations to¬†activities of real life. This possibility allows us to work not only with humans but also with bots that you can talk, ask favors to execute something or provide a report. … Continued

On the short time I have been working at Swapps, I have realized some curious situations. Sometimes there is a big task in a specific project, and I mean a big task that will take approximately two days. When the assigned person takes this task, he starts working normally, ¬†but if he is assigned to … Continued

In our last delivery about Swapps organization tools we talked about JIRA, Slack, Toggl y Google Drive; but we missed one of our most important tools, Teamwork. Teamwork is a project management tool which lets you organize all the work in just one place. This useful tool has a lot of different features, like creating … Continued

In Swapps we work with Agile methodologies, which is a way of working on software developing projects. Of course, there are many ways of working with these methodologies, and here I will expose, they way Swapps adapted its own process to these methodologies. This organization is based on delivering something of value every short period … Continued

As a Project Manager in a software developing company you have a lot of things to do. You have to create tasks, assign them properly, do testing, keep track on what everyone is doing, make sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to, catch up with priorities and just make everything run smoothly, on … Continued