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Recently, we have been talking about project management as a discipline and its contemporary scientific approach, and we also peeked a little bit on KPIs, trying to understand from where they come, their purposes and their usefulness. Today, KPIs are widely used across different industries, making a couple of things clear: You can find some […]

Key Performance Indicators (widely named in the corporate world as KPIs, because you know, everybody is too busy to say the long name), have come a long way since the emperors of the Wei Dynasty (221-265AD) started rating the performance of the official family members (Banner & Cooke, 1984, Coens & Jenkins, 2000). Perhaps the […]

Human history has seen projects before the profession of project management -and even the concept of something similar- was defined as we know it today. Perhaps it wasn’t named until recent years and it didn’t share many of the foundations the profession has today, but big and old structures such as the pyramids were projects […]

Yeah, algorithms, “smart software” and so on are here to stay, and that’s a reality we’ll have to accept some day because the more time passes, the more we find ourselves standing at the intersection of humanity and technology in a clash of ethics and needs to solve, with all aspects of our lives closely connected […]