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Swapps Dashboard: Agile projects under control

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If you are going to entrust a project with a limited budget to an IT work team, what you would expect is to be able to know the status of the project, and how the budget is being used all the time. That is, have agile projects under control.


Unfortunately, in many organizations this budget control and flow of information can be a headache, because although agile methodologies are applied, there is not always clarity in the use of the budget.


For the financial area there may be a disconnection between what is charged and what is expected.


It is in this case that there are shocks, inconvenience on the part of the client and time lost in the provider to justify what was done.



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At Swapps, transparency is very important, and for this reason we devised and implemented a platform that allows our clients to know all the relevant information on how their budget is being used in real time.


In our Dashboard Swapps platform, it is possible to view all the contracts in force at the moment, parameterized according to the conditions established at the beginning of the contracts.


In this way, each client can find out both the overall status of the project as well as what was executed during the current month.


What do we achieve for our clients?


Our clients will not be in shock at the end of the month when they receive their invoice, because they can see the details of what is being charged, related to the status of each of the tasks and tied to the total budget.


The financial area will know what the invoice corresponds to, which in turn can be contrasted with the contract.


Everyone involved in the project can see 

key progress and budget information in real time.


With this information they can make key decisions at any time such as: Reduce or increase execution speed, suspend tasks, request budget adjustments or request more information on any particular data.


How does it help better execution?


Just as Dashboard Swapps is essential for our clients, for project managers this is the tool that allows them to keep an exhaustive and constant control of the projects that are being executed.


The Dashboard Swapps is synchronized with various tools that we use for task management and time control in each of the work teams.


This synchronization feeds the database, which is processed in order to have the necessary information for proper project planning and answer questions such as: What is the current speed of the equipment? How long will the budget last? What is the expected completion date of the project?


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As we could see, Swapps Dashboard is a tool that allows both the work team and the clients to have absolute control of the contracts, so that there is always clarity of what is being done, allowing Swapps to focus our time on giving the greater value, while our clients focus on their business mission.


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