Hector Perea Mosquera is a Graphic Designer with passion for the Web Development and User Interfaces. His work and experience on the design field allows him to create beautiful and engaging visual assets, wheter on web or in print. He has knowledge on UX and UI, and in previous personal projects he has worked, as a Community Manager working with Social Media and Social Audit. He also touch HTML, CSS and some Javascript, working with modern development enviroments and tools.

When we, as users, navigate through a website or app we click here and there in different parts of the interface. While we’re doing this, we usually overlook one of the vital elements on every design system: the button. Buttons have a special meaning in the interface, since they create a positive and productive User […]

As designers/developers, sometimes we face a project that requires animation. Could be a simple one, or the trickiest animation you have seen before. So, we need to use the right tool for the occasion, one that could bring us good performance without sacrificing its power. In that case, let me introduce to you GSAP: GreenSock […]

As designers and developers, we need to take into consideration all the people that reach our apps/websites, including the people that are visually impaired. Our creations should be, or at least try to be, suitable for them, including those with less than 20/20 vision. That’s why the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, WCAG was created, to […]

One of the most striking aspects of design is the ability to generate impact and attract the consumers attention through color. According to studies, 85% of consumers feel that color is the main factor when choosing a product. Knowing that 80% of what we assimilate through the senses is visual, it gives us a complete […]

Perhaps, too many designers overlook the importance of psychology within the creative process and the impact that some of its principles has in the design choices that are made on a daily basis, whether printed or digital. In web design, these principles are effectively applied in the field of User Interface (UI) allowing the messages […]

In the last couple of years there has been some very good tools to measure the SEO of your sites and check the elements that are crucial to acquire the best performance in the online world: page speed, accessibility, and so on are very important elements at the time of make your site reliable and […]