Luis Carlos is a technologist in informatics and web developer. He is passionate about entrepreneurship, specially the one with social sense, which is why he dedicates most of his free time to this. He also likes to learn more about development everyday, frontend and backend, also, he dedicates time to learn english. He have used languages as Java, PHP, Python, Javascript and he likes to automate processes with tools like Gulp and Grunt. In this moment, he works at Swapps as frontend developer thanks to his recursivity and learnability. In Swapps, he faces challenges daily, which makes him better everyday in what he’s passionate about.

Thanks to MailHog, we can preview the email in an easier way. MailHog simulates an outbox of your app; All emails sent by your app are captured and displayed in their respective versions: HTML, text, and MIME-Type. How to install MailHog This is an open source application and is writthen in the Go language. This […]

Storybook is a javascript library that allows you to test “visual components” by splitting the business logic from the context of the application. Storybook currently supports several frameworks and libraries such as: React, Vue, Angular, Mithril, Marko, HTML, Svelte, Meteor, and Ember. In Swapps we use React and React Native, so in this article, we […]

In this blog post I want to share with you the reasons why I think that, as a developer, I have to use a Mac computer. Most servers that are used to host web applications use the Linux operating system and although it is not totally the same as Linux, a Mac as Linux is […]

You do not need to start a react project from scratch as I explain in this article, for this you can use, the exercise of this post is to know the webpack tool. ¿What is Webpack? Webpack is a module packer that allows you to automate processes such as code transpilation, preprocessing (from .scss […]

This article will teach you the 3 basic points of internal factors for search engine optimization (SEO) of your website. 1. Title and meta description The title tag must contain a maximum of 155 characters and must be a unique title. The meta description is the text that accompanies this title and must have a […]

In this post I intend to show the experience in the redesign of an existing site. First of all, a little history, is a project in which you can look for Court Records in Colombia, it started as a Startup and, because of this, there was not much investment in design, so it was […]