Web developer with interest in data science. Enjoys trying out new technologies.

I had an application that required loading some images and performing operations on them. Depending on the size of the images, the memory requirements of the application could make the whole system crash. This needed to be stopped… or at least understood. Looking around, I found several tools to diagnose my problem, and I tried […]

Humanity has always sought to conquer new horizons and, driven by its curiosity, it has been dominating different areas of knowledge whose phenomena were attributed to the gods. We have allowed ourselves to learn about fire, why the earth is not flat, about outer space, and we have played gods in other ways. This desire […]

If you have ever required working with servers, you will have noticed that the process of configuring one or the other instance is quite similar. Although the process is repetitive, it takes a long time; in addition to being subject to human error. When I started working directly on some servers to configure my projects […]

Information is power, and people like power, so there are people specialized on stealing your information. Internet is in an arms race between security experts and malicious agents, where every day new vulnerabilities are discovered, abused and patched. It is never a problem of “if it happens” but a problem of “when will it happen”. […]

You just picked up this framework named Django, played around with it’s ORM for a while and you love how easy you can work with it. You start to notice that your perfect page is taking ages to load. You check your django-debug-toolbar and you find that your view has more than 100 queries!!! This […]

Once you have a site on production, new needs start showing up. For us one of those needs was to be able to send information to our users when something was happening to the application, like some update or maintenance. There are two simple approaches to this issue: Create a notification system and send the […]

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Since the moment i started using SSH to manually configure my servers i noticed the issues with this approach. I was going over and over to my servers to perform the same tasks. If i am doing the same thing every time, why can’t i just write a script to automate the process? Well, you […]

Docker is an open platform for building, shipping and running distributed applications. It gives programmers, development teams and operations engineers the common toolbox they need to take advantage of the distributed and networked nature of modern applications. Containerization provides several advantages like faster provisioning or isolated and easy to recreate environments. If you don’t know what containerization […]