Entrepreneur in residence (EIR), certified scrum master (CSM), agile coach, digital strategist, business analyst, and growth hacker. My primary role is to seek and explore new opportunities, find the right people to satisfy requirements and execute work, set the direction for the company, write winning proposals, and solve complex problems.

A question recently came in from a client… “At a board meeting today, one of our board members with some cyber background asked about security measures for our website. He contended WordPress is more hackable than Drupal and wanted to know what measures had been taken to secure the site, given that [our organization] is an […]

Most complex web applications and websites are built by highly technical developers. Developers, generally speaking, think in different ways than “normal” people. So, it should not be a surprise that these apps are built to work but not necessarily built to be intuitive. Indeed, we have encountered many websites and applications across the government and […]

Surprisingly, many website developers, Drupal shops, and WordPress agencies hate the thought of fixing bugs and maintaining websites. It seems they demonstrate passive aggressive behavior in that they take a long time to respond to their client’s issues, don’t return phone calls or emails, and simply don’t demonstrate a lot of progress. When our phone […]

You pay for a developer to build your website and anticipate the day that it launches.  The site goes live and you wait for your phone to ring or an email to come in.  Then … nothing. You ask your developer why it’s not showing up on Google and they shrug their shoulders. “You didn’t […]