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This is the main reason why your website/app is crashing


“If everything was working perfectly (…)”

So yeah, your site is crashing one and other times and you just don’t understand why. “If everything was working perfectly when delivered”. Yes, but there is something important missing here. 

Software is “Alive”

Imagine you buy a microwave. This microwave has a 1-year warranty, which means that if it damages, the manufacturer will fix it or replace it. These manufacturers have a 1-year warranty because the microwave’s structure and elements change after a long period of time. Software is different. Software is ‘alive’, all its elements and structures are in constant development and have constant updates. So with every update of each of the elements, you have to check that everything is still working as expected. This is why it is different from the microwave in that you have to wait years for it to change, with software is very important to do a shorter period of time (monthly is a good pick) maintenance.


Many businesses just don’t know this. They have a website/app delivered and they think that is it and that it will work the same way forever. Wrong. It needs constant updates.

Many others opt to just click on the “update” button. NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL. It is important to do the corresponding tests of the updates (preferably in a staging instance) before performing the updates to guarantee the app will work smoothly with them. What usually happens when doing this is that some functionalities stop working or even the whole site crashes, this is because some code is needed sometimes to guarantee everything works perfectly.

Don’t do this:

The majority decide to never update their site/app. WORST DECISION. If you never update your site/app, it will stop working at some point and will start causing a lot of problems.  

Leave the hard work to the professionals

The big conclusion here is that it is recommended to constantly update your site, and to leave it in the hands of professionals. At Swapps we have very good maintenance and support plans to guarantee your site/app is working perfectly and it has the last updates available. 

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