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Marketing for NGOs: 4 reasons to use email marketing


One of the most effective marketing tools for NGOs is Email Marketing or emailing. This is sending emails to a group of contacts, or subscribers, with information that they can find interesting. Used properly, email marketing becomes a very useful tool for any NGO.

As social networks are having a crisis due to a poor management of private data and its ever-increasing complexity, reaching people by e-mail remains a simple but very effective communication option.

Swapps specializes in working with NGOs and has compiled 4 reasons why an NGO should learn and use Email Marketing:

It has an unbeatable cost-benefit ratio

There are multiple Email Marketing providers for NGOs that offer competitive prices. Several of them even allow making entire campaigns without charging a single coin. For example, MailChimp, one of the best-known companies, allows you to send up to 12 thousand monthly emails to 2 thousand contacts At no cost. Zero!

It is measurable from scratch

Another advantage of email marketing is that it allows you to track emails. From a simple platform, the NGO will be able to know who opened the mail, who clicked on the calls to action or if they simply ignored the message.

This information is very valuable for the team because it allows identifying what’s the most striking content for its audience. Consequently, all efforts can focus on that area.

It is customizable

If you have been an NGO director for some time now, you must have a database with this kind of information:

  • Names
  • Emails
  • Companies
  • Profiles

This information is worth gold because it allows you to generate personalized messages for your email campaigns. It is very different to get an email saying “Dear o sir” rather that one coming with your name. Right? This brings your company closer to the audience.

This type of strategy generates a stronger emotional bond between your NGO and your audience that, in the end, will allow you to have powerful actions.

Top-of-mind awareness  for your NGO

While there are some rules of “etiquette” regarding the periodicity of electronic bulletins, email marketing allows you to be more constant in what you communicate to your customers or users. This can get your potential donors or beneficiaries to know what is being done inside the NGO.

Nevertheless, it’s very important to understand your community well and know how often they want to receive news.

Nowadays, email is widely used around the world so this is a good channel to get more corporate customers as well as to approach different audiences. As well, it is the perfect opportunity to evaluate how are your campaigns perceived and received with almost no extra effort or cost. Give it a try!

Wrote by @czapata and @jariza