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How to make my brand stand out over others


How does Heineken do to stay current in the minds of its consumers?

How does Poker get the same?

It is not just because of the price or because they are exclusive brands. They are not the only ones who make beer, nor do they have to invent a new flavor every year to sell more. Nor were they the creators of one of the most popular drinks in the world.

Brewing companies create added value. A connection between the customer and the product.

It is not a connection generated by some discount, but by the sensation that the product transmits to the client, which they promote with the advertisements in visual media.

¿How do they do that?

Heineken and Poker are two beer brands whose commercials are a good example, which are available at the following youtube links:



In this blog post I will only refer to the Poker one.

The Poker beer commercial uses the tune of a song to tell the story of four friends. In this way, those who watch the commercial, focus their attention on how entertaining it is. In the commercial, the absent friend returns, offers a well-concealed apology, and the four meet again.

As the saying goes: “good friends don’t need excuses, because they don’t ask you for them”

And at every social gathering, something to drink is offered. Another subtle and eloquent way of presenting beer as a drink to accompany a gathering of friends.

Poker ends the commercial with the slogan: “Poker, the friend that unites friends”

The added value of the product, that unconscious relationship in the customer’s mind that connects the product with a sensation: the well-being that sharing with friends gives you. That is the unconscious relationship that Poker makes to connect the product (the beer) with the customer’s mind and that it is chosen even if other options are presented.

Poker makes the connection to the well-being that sharing with friends conveys.

When a commercial is entertaining, we are more likely to watch it to the end. Sometimes, when they present it on television, we do not change the channel, or when we are watching a video on YouTube and the ad comes out, we let it go all the way. In this case, the commercial manages to show the brand to potential clients and reinforce its position with former clients.

Regarding other products, it is necessary to highlight what feeling I want to generate in my client so that my brand stands out. For clothing, fashion, or style is related; For travel agencies, it can be creating family memories or enjoying an adventure. In short, if I am trying to find what feeling I want to connect with my product, I must KNOW how it works, what characteristics it has, and what my target audience is in the market. Thus, the marketing campaign will have an impact, which will be reflected in the increase in sales of the product. It is not of immediate effect, but after two weeks the increase begins to be seen.

In the case of entrepreneurs, they all aim to keep the product/service on the market. But sometimes they ignore the strategies that will fulfill that objective and that the company has a long duration. SWAPPS, as a Strategic Ally of your company, can guide and advise you on digital marketing strategies to achieve this objective.

¡Count on us!

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