Digital Marketing for non-profit organizations: Google Ad Grants

Google Ad Grants is a program that brings all the advertisement benefits a business has for non-profits, but they are giving 10K monthly with some restrictions.
Normally, a business joins the Google Adwords program to advertise its products, services or content. In this case, the goal is to get leads and/or sell products or services.
In a similar way, Google has this program to help non-profit organizations to promote their services, programs, content or whatever is the case, to reach the objectives of the organization, that could be: volunteers, raise money, promote events or just generate impact.
In both scenarios, you get a Google Adwords account. In this account, you create “campaigns”.
campaign could be:
When people search for “animals protection”
The people will see in the list  of search results for your “campaign”
when somebody “clicks” it will take them to a website “landing page”
The landing page has the information you want to show to the user and normally has an objective and a prominent “call to action”.
The “call to action” could be “sign up to newsletter”, “Donate”, “share the word”.
The campaign costs are based on views and clicks. Some search terms are more expensive than others.

Common questions about the Google Ads Grant program

There is a maximum cost per click of $2. So does that mean we are billed if the clicks go over the $10,000 per month free ads? How difficult is it to control that?
You can control this from the beginning since you choose the search terms, you will see if clicks are more expensive than $2. In a similar way, you set your maximum daily budget. But if you leave it open and It exceeds the budget, you would be charged for anything extra. You can always set a budget limit and in the early days, you should check in and monitor the campaign multiple times per day.  After a week or so, you can slow down to once or twice a day, and then ultimately once or twice a week.
How much time realistically would be spent if we choose to control the ads ourselves? Would the “Ads Express” option be more realistic for us, which is an automated setup?
Create ads with Google Adwords is a marketing discipline that requires some knowledge and time investment to take the best benefit. Assuming you have everything defined, the initial configuration for a campaign can take 2 hours to launch it, but It normally requires refining based on the obtained results, and It could be weekly. Once the campaign is stable you wouldn’t need to invest more time in it. But there are side tasks, depending on the goals of the campaigns: like create landing pages, set up Google analytics to track conversion, A/B testing experiments, among others.
If you are new on Google AdWords, It would make more sense to start to use the express version, and when you require more control move to complete Adwords version. On any option, you choose, you need to configure the campaigns, but It will be very important to have a keyword analysis first and a defined strategy.