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Basic SEO

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We talk about organic positioning or SEO, but

Do we really know how to apply it in our company?




Known as Search Engine Optimization, organic positioning in search engines has some key points to start the path to the exposure of any company through search engines such as Google.


Google is the most used search engine from various devices, with a market share of 92.31%.


Organic positioning basically refers to the positioning of your website in search engines, without having to pay for ads.


To achieve this, and for your company to appear on the first page of the search engine, certain steps or conditions must be followed that allow the search engine to recognize your page as safe and useful.


Para lograrlo, y que tu empresa aparezca dentro de la primera página del buscador, deben seguirse ciertos pasos o condiciones que permiten al buscador reconocer tu página como segura y útil.


Why is SEO so important for my website?

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Although it is difficult for specialized content to stand out on web pages, doing it consistently is a necessary task.

The higher your website is positioned, the easier users will find you and the easier it will be remembered.


What are those steps to follow to have a good SEO positioning?


  • Prepare your website to be safe and reliable; also improving the speed and optimization of your website. This, with the help of your ally in technology.

  • With the advice of your ally in technology, make sure that your site includes the meta tags required by google; at least `title` and `description` and that their content is relevant.

  • Make sure your site uses robots.txt to ensure that only public content on your site will be indexed.

  • Before writing on your blog, think about the experience you would like to have as a user. You must ensure a good experience.

  • Define what tags you will use in your article, or keywords that are searched by the users you want to reach.

  • Add links to other secure websites that feed the information in your article or blog post.

  • Keep writing and sharing relevant information regularly. The key is to persist, constantly improving.

Tools and platforms that can help you improve your SEO writing


To learn a little more about the implementation of SEO positioning, you can visit the following pages:


  • Google: Through Google’s digital learning platform, you can learn marketing, data, and development skills. Among the marketing options, you can learn more about SEO positioning.

  • Google search console: It allows you to visualize how Google interprets a website that you own. Give detailed reports of possible errors, improvements or inconveniences that the site has. Likewise, it allows you to analyze specific pages that you want to focus on.

  • Yoast: With its plugin you can evaluate the SEO quality of your blog posts. In addition, it has extra information on its blog that can be very useful.

  • EdX: In this educational platform you can find some courses in English where you will learn the fundamentals of digital marketing, including SEO and SEM positioning.


Do you know if your website has the conditions

to have a good SEO positioning or organic positioning?


Contact us to help you.


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