Jose is an electronic engineer focused on programming. The main reason for this is that he believes that through code he can materialize his ideas and his projects controlling everything in the course of them. His long-term objective is to be able to use his programming skills along with his background in Design Thinking and Human-Centered Design to develop projects in the vanguard that satisfy people's needs in a simple and effective manner and that could be used almost without social or economics limitations. As a web software developer at SWAPPS, he has had the opportunity not only of learning about code but also learning about the best practices to develop a project to a successful state with the less cost possible. In his free times, he is an avid reader, a forming musician, an occasional gamer and a movies and theater lover.

Nowadays, one of the most popular ways to create a wordpress site is to use a page builder. It is so popular that wordpress 5.0 comes with one by default, Gutenberg. With a page builder, you avoid coding several templates for your wordpress theme; you just have to create them like solving a puzzle, dragging […]

First thing first, I am no expert on machine learning. But I am studying it and I am very interested in it. This blog post is product of what I have studied so far, so I apologize for the errors or imprecisions it may have. Taking this into consideration, let’s start. First, lets define some […]

As a developer, there is a moment when you have to face an integration with an outside service (JIRA, Toggl, Slack, Github, WordPress, and a million more). It may be done via REST API, GraphQL, SOAP, or the protocol that the developers behind the service are using. This post is not about how to use […]

One of the main purposes of why the humanity developed machines, and computational systems in general, was to avoid doing repetitive and simple tasks that would consume time; time that could be spent making progress in other tasks that do require a complex thinking that only a human being may do. The funny thing is […]

Currently, there is a growing need among companies to offer the possibility of making payments directly through their web portal to their users. Without this possibility, the acquisition of products or services offered by said company is cumbersome, slow and unusable by a large part of the market; which is summarized in a significant loss […]

One of the most important moments when writing a python application is testing. It could be boring, tedious and {{ insert your favorite insult here }}, but it will save your life when that careless teammate goes and twists everything (that careless teammate could be you at 7:00 a.m. on Monday) just before due time. […]