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Website design for specialized dentists and doctors


Have you ever thought on having your own website but don’t know how to differentiate from others? One clear need for specialized dentists and doctors in their website, apart from showing their services, is making appointments. The usual thing, is making appointments through a phone call, which involves spending time, a telephone line and, above all, a person attending appointments. In addition, you must cover the costs when people do not show up for an appointment. The truth is that we are in a modern age, where all work can be simplified thanks to technology, which translates into satisfied customers and higher sales.

From these needs, Swapps offers a website specifically designed for specialized doctors and dentists. Where you will not only get a WordPress website to manage content, integrate your social networks, show your services, post comments, answer queries and suggestions, but also offers the possibility to give your clients a new experience in appointment scheduling. Now your customers make their appointment in a click, in an easy and fast way. In this process, you do not have the risk of losing a potential customer because he/she does not find a phone to call, has no line, or is left waiting for an answering email or a call that he/she does not answer or see.

In addition to providing benefits to your customers, appointment scheduling offered by Swapps, allows you to have appointments synchronized with your cell phone calendar so you never miss an important appointment (Google Calendar integration). It also sends you and your clients reminders to be coordinated, in addition, your clients can confirm or cancel appointments in advance, allowing you to be able to make that appointment with another person and manage time in a better way, translating into better service for your customers and greater profits for you.

An additional feature is to be able to make payments through your website, many clients nowadays prefer the convenience of paying their treatment from their home. That is why, if required, your website can integrate online payments where your customers will pay their treatment in an easy, convenient and fast way. Additionally,  you will have 24/7 availability to make appointments, which increases greatly the client retention possibility through appointments.

In conclusion, Swapps offers you much more than a just a website, we offer a site that allows you to provide an excellent user experience to your client, which translates into satisfied customers and therefore, more customers and earnings for your business.