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Social media for nonprofits is he second tool that most inspires donors to contribute to their couse.


26% of donors worldwide say that email is the communication tool that most inspires them to give.

With 25% for social media and website with a 17%. Data via



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How to Effectively Use Social Networks to Grow Nonprofits

Although social media platforms are an excellent way to reach your audience, it is important to remember that their virality is ephemeral.

Besides they are constantly changing and you cannot completely have the information of your organization because your account really does not belong to you.


To avoid giving all the information and responsibility to social media, using them properly and having control of your non-profit organization data, it is necessary to create an effective marketing strategy and connect it with your website.


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The base is your organization and its virtual house, that is, your company’s website as a base or meeting place.

On your website you can easily measure your audience and collect the fruits of your activity on your social media.

Social media platformas are the means by which you extend your message.


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And although in Swapps we are not a marketing agency, we give you some key elements to consider when using social media platforms to make the most of them.



Top of heart rather than top of mind

The top of mind concept is well known in marketing, but knowadays is changing for top of heart.

And what it means is getting deeply (not to the mind) to the heart of your audience. This means making them feel new things and inspiring their lives.

How to do this? Telling stories.


Nonprofits storytelling in social media

Telling stories is the best way to genuinely connect with your audience as a non-profit in social medial networks.

This will generate emotional connections, tears of joy, inspiration and belong feeling.

Share the stories of the people you are impacting, one by one. How is your mission changing their lives? Sharing a complete story really inspires, connects and makes people want to contribute to your mission.


Storytelling in St. Jude’s instagram post

Humanize your  organization: nonprofits case

Give your non-profit organization human characteristics to enhance interaction and engagement with your audience throgh your social media profiles.

Make them feel you are their partner through social media, make them feel how present you are in the community an how you can be their friend.

Start by creating a character. If your organization was a character, how will it be?

Then, everytime you write or post something on social media, do it as if you were that character.


Create social media valuable content

Create content that people will value.

Normally this is content that entertains, inspires or teaches something to your audience. Make sure each piece of content you make to share on social media has its own purpose and creates value to your audience.


Note: Don’t forget always putting the call to action.


Social Media for Nonprofits: 11 Essential Tips for Success


How to connect social media and my website?

Social media for nonprofits is such an important tool.

You can use them to extend your message and enhance your online fundraising and local presence showing your expertice and value.

But you must obtain more benefits as alliances, donations and data connecting your social media strategy with your website. After all, this will multiply the potential of both, your website and your social media platforms.


If you want to increase your fundraising, get more donors and have control of the information, Contact us.

We´ll help you create or upgrade your website and connect it with your social media platforms.



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