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Our website is powered by Django and Amazon Web Services, and yours?


Our website is powered by Django and is hosted in Amazon Web Services.




If you look to our website, you realize that it’s a single page site with basic information. And now you wonder, why does it have Django if it’s a simple website with no complex functionality?


Well, the process to deploy a website using Django has become so fast that it’s always worth it to create any web application in Django, no matter if it really does not require a database and complex login in the backend.


Django template engine is so natural that including an HTML template is really easy and you get the superpowers of Django.


Why our website is powered by Django?

Some of the superpowers we took advantage for this simple website with Django were:logo_transparente_fondo_blanco

  • Multilingual Support: Having the same template, we created an English and Spanish version of the website, and we can continue extending to more languages by creating and editing the PO files.
  • Media and Static content hosted on Amazon S3: This is is just a good practice that you need to follow, and Django makes it really easy with the use of django-storages
  • Lead Generation Form – Email: It’s just a contact form that sends an email and stores the contacts to the database. With Django it was straightforward and with the integration with Mandrill we don’t need to worry about server configuration.
  • Django Admin: It is just beautiful, and comes by default! so if you need to manage records from models and users, it works great. For this case, we just need to eventually monitor the records from the contact form.
  • Extend Functionality: Of course, we don’t want to keep the website as it is forever. By having Django, we will be able to create custom functionalities for internal and external purposes.



As you can see, Django works very good if it is a small website, so don’t think that Django only works for complex applications.


Explore our website to see what we can do for your organization with Django.


If you are familiar enough with Django you are able to deploy a website like this in a couple hours!


Contact us if you want to build your own website. We´ll be willing to help.


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