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My experience working in Swapps


When I arrived at Swapps on a Friday morning that would be my first day of testing, luckily I did very well, I successfully completed the tasks assigned to me. The following week I showed up for my second day of testing, at the end of this day, I was accepted as a new member of the Swapps group.

My first impression at the beginning of the work week regarding the way of working was: “they are very organized”, each development or process is handled by tasks, and always each task when completed is reviewed by another member of the group, in this way, errors are minimized before going into production. This process is natural, so it is not something that is exhausting for team members, on the contrary, each one appropriates this workflow.

In the company there are the frontend and backend developers, but it is not uncommon to see that a frontend developer can do backend tasks, or vice versa, this shows that Swapps’ developers are always willing to learn from different areas, and in my opinion, the result of this is a clearer and more transversal code.

Communication is one of the strengths of Swapps, making a team execute a work plan within a schedule, it is not always easy, now, much more difficult if most people work remotely (as in Swapps). In order for communication to be effective, Swapps uses various tools such as: Slack, Confluence, Jira (Slack for me is WhatsApp for work, but improved and integrated with different applications). Organizing a team is difficult, but thanks to these tools and this scheme, in Swapps it is simple.

One of the first activities I did was: Learn how Git flow works, this process helps to make the work more fluid and is the basis for all the magic that is created in Swapps. With Git flow you can work on different parts of the project simultaneously and be synchronized, conflicts are avoided when there is more than 1 person working in the same section, among other advantages.

Swapps is a company that is committed to taking their own ideas forward, among these is Deploycloud alias “Dors”, the first few days I heard a lot about Dors, and I wondered what that would be? And I realized that another of Swapps’ strengths is that they focus on automating processes, avoiding setbacks, increasing uptime. About Dors I will only say that it is one of the internal Swapps products that systematizes processes.

My experience working with Swapps has been very enriching, I have learned a new workflow, thanks to its methodology, I have dabbled in many technologies and languages in a short time, it has also been a challenge to manage time with the Toggl tool, since I was used to controlling my time, this has allowed me to be more efficient. In the medium term I will improve my skills as a developer, and I will be able to take on bigger challenges in the company, with greater responsibility.