Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a system that provides a full alphanumeric character recognition on an image. The system allows extracting text from an image, to convert it later into an editable file. There are some open source libraries for OCR such as Tesseract, Gocr, JavaOCR, and Ocrad. The most popular on the list is […]

Writing apps is not a Python strength and there are not many tools doing this. For this reason, you don’t find desktop/mobile apps written in Python very frequently. Looking something that helps us to write apps, I find two tools that have this mission called Kivy and BeeWare. Today, we are going to talk about […]

A wiki can be a useful tool for your NGO. Learn how to create it for free, using MediaWiki. Wikipedia has become the biggest encyclopedia in the world. Its main characteristic is that anyone, anywhere, can create, edit or suggest changes to its content. It’s a safe bet to say that if you are reading […]

Sometimes, you have a well defined structure in your database, but you have to refactor it . This refactor implies hard and sensitive changes that may break your database. that’s where Data migration appears, to facilitate those changes. “As well as changing the database schema, you can also use migrations to change the data in […]

Today, we write  a lot of code and many people is working in the same project that you are, that makes difficult to ensure the quality of the code. That is when static code analysis, also called linting  appears, finding failures and security vulnerabilities. Static code analysis checks your program without running it. Isn’t  it […]