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Internal Networking: how to create alliances inside the office

internal networking

When we talk about building a network of professional relationships or managing contacts, we generally look outside the company where we work or outside our close work circle, but what happens if we look inside and practice internal networking?


We can make valuable personal and professional connections through internal networking in organizations, having advantages in the development of internal culture and in the quality of our professional connections.


It should be said that if the company is made up of less than ten employees, it would work directly on the business culture since the team is small and with easy access to communication with senior managers, but if these ten or fewer employees work constantly as freelancers or remote collaborators, it is necessary to create spaces for fluid communication.


Within the different objectives of internal networking can be found: to develop professionally, climb in the organization, increase the network of contacts, improve personally and academically, or simply find common spaces for recreation.


To promote internal networking and fluid communication spaces

tools usually provided by companies can be used

to facilitate the exchange, according to the objectives.




  1. Training within the company: sharing knowledge through learning spaces.

  2. Days of coexistence: share experiences and spaces (virtual or physical).

  3. Events: where integrating activities such as dinners or recreational activities can be carried out.

  4. Days to encourage creativity: through themes or group activities.


These activities imply a great collaboration of the management team, since they encourage creativity, collaboration and the transformation of the company.


Also, from the side of the workers or collaborators, beneficial ideas and activities may arise for the organization and internal networking, such as meetings outside working hours to share with their colleagues and active breaks to share during the working day.


Here are some easy ways to get started on the path to internal networking and interaction as collaborators:


  • Find information of interest to share with colleagues.

  • Make ourselves visible through groups on different platforms or work areas.

  • Provide support to others.

  • Ask for help when needed.

  • Propose spaces for collective recreation outside of working hours.

  • Think of a short presentation phrase, if you think it is necessary.

  • Listen carefully to others.


Finally, we must remember that to grow professionally and personally, the relationships we forge are of great importance, but the most important thing in an interaction of any kind is not to talk but to listen actively.


What internal #networking activities do you carry out with your work team?


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