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How to create your own store with Woocommerce and WordPress


Actually there are many CMS that help you to create your own store.In this blog post we guide you to create the store, using woocommerce and wordpress; with those two tools you can have your own store in an easy way, if you don’t know how to install wordpress you can to visit this link.

The first thing to do, is to download and install woocommerce:

In some cases, the plugin is activated by itself, if it does not activate itself, go to installed plugins and activate manually.

When the plugin is activated, It will guide you to its configuration.

On the following screen you have to choose where is your store from, what type of coin the store will use, how many decimals, which is the unit of measurement of the product and its unit of weight.

On this screen you choose if your store is going to have shipping of products and if you are going to be charging sales tax.

Next, the pay methods for your store will appear, choose the option of your preference.

The last step is to create your first product, for this, please click in the button “Create your first product!”

now, you can create your first product with its respective name and price, you can make variable products, promotions and group sales. As you may see, creating your own store is not hard and you don’t need to spend a lot of money ibuilding your own store, it all depends on you and how you use the store for sale promotions and offers. Now you can go further and investigate more about woocommerce and its different configurations to learn more about this awesome plugin.