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Every time I do an interview with a candidate I emphasize that we are a software development company, we are not a marketing, advertising agency or a company trying to do many things at once.

We make software and we do it with the best possible quality. For this we have a great team of professionals who, in addition to doing things very well, we love what we do.

¿How is the development process?

To do things well, in addition to having a highly qualified team, it is necessary to have experience, the right tools, and follow good development practices. We live agile methodologies on a day-to-day basis, our development process follows a rigorous process of continuous integration and we try to always be at the forefront of technologies, and although the above sounds very nice, and even utopian, unlike many companies, we do

¿What do we look for in a developer?

The experience and knowledge acquired is important; Nevertheless; It is not the most critical. The most important thing for us is to identify the potential, the desire to learn many different things and constantly.

At Swapps, we don’t stop learning, because the technology that worked last year is no longer as good as the new one that came out. A person who is not constantly learning does not have much place in our team.

We are a small team of less than 20 people, working on projects that challenge our intellect every day or that have a great impact on people’s lives. Therefore, each of the team members has the need to have diverse knowledge in addition to those of the assigned role.

¿What type of technologies do we use for development?

  • For custom development projects we use Python / Django backend, normally.
  • Content and news websites: WordPress
  • For mobile applications: React Native, Ionic and recently Flutter.
  • For client applications: React JS, Vue JS and Angular JS.

¿What tools do we use to work?

  • GIT- Github.
  • Slack as virtual office.
  • Jira – Tasks / Project Management.
  • DeployCloud – Devops, Infrastructure and continuous integration.
  • Confluence – Internal documentation.
  • Codeship – Automated testing environment.

¿How is working at Swapps?

A day at work means doing what we like most. It is an exciting day from beginning to end. There are no corporate traditions here. We focus on doing our job, meeting the objectives in a collaborative environment in which we interact with team members who are distributed between the office and remotely.

If this sounds good to you and you think you have what it takes, we are always constantly looking for talent and you can apply in