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Django Cali: Meetup for Django developers in Cali, Colombia


Django Cali is a space where Django developers from the city of Cali meet monthly to share knowledge in the use of this popular Framework for web application development.

Some of the topics that have been discussed are listed below:

  • NoSQL in Django using PostgreSQL 9.4 JSONField fields
  • Configure Django the right way
  • Stay smart with Python and Django.
  • MongoDB + Django.
  • Django forms: Validating the world.
  • Let’s talk about Python.
  • Django Template System.
  • Python workshop.
  • Django ORM.
  • Configuring the development instance to carry out Django to production.
  • Development of an application in Django.
  • Python / Django Developer Meeting.
  • Python basics and practical example of a Django application.
  • Introduction to Django.

If you want to join this community or more information about previous events, you can enter the official Meetup: