I have been working since 2010 as a professional web designer and developer. I can design and code Websites, build Web Apps from scratch or customize and provide tech support and maintenance to most CMSs like Wordpress, Shopify or Drupal.

This month, the Drupal community is celebrating the application’s 20th anniversary since its first release on May 18th, 2000. This is a huge accomplishment because the Web has mutated a lot during these 20 years and the developers, contributors, and all the people behind Drupal have learned how to adapt the software to the latest […]

CSS grid technology represents a completely new way of thinking web layouts, a way in which you are in full control of the presentation. No more weird HTML nesting and non-semantic elements here and there to assist our layouts. Unlike any other tool available in CSS, the Grid features a powerful and comprehensive two-dimensional grid […]

Last year, on December 6th, WordPress 5.0 released a huge upgrade to the content editor UI, the Gutenberg Block Editor came to enhance the WordPress experience with an extensible drag & drop content designer interface based on React. However this kind of editors are not new to WordPress, popular plugins like the Page Builder by […]