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5 Donation options you can give to your Donors and increase fundraising

5 donation / fundraising options

Giving donation options is a very good practice to increase your fundraising.


A donor who was considering just a one-time donation, may engage with a monthly donation or even consider the amazon smile option.

These examples will definitely boost your fundraising strategy and help you accomplish your goals in a faster way.


Option 1: One- Time Donation

This one is the typical donation option and also the one most donors use.

Normally a donor engages with the mission and opts to donate one time. Which is awesome!!

Try to keep the donor updated with all the organization’s news and updates so he/she becomes a recurrent donator sooner than later.


Option 2: Monthly Giving

Recurring payments are great because your organization will be receiving a monthly income instead of just once.

Make sure you have this option and also a secure payment method that can safely ensure recurring payments.’s Donation Options

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Option 3: Facebook Fundraiser

Encourage your donors to start a Facebook Fundraiser and increase their donation amount by asking their friends to help!!

Facebook does not charge fees for donations made to charities and this will also help you to spread the word about your organization and your mission.


Option 4: Tangible Donations

Money may not be the only donation option.

Your mission may also receive other kinds of donations such as clothing, food, hygiene supplies, etc.

Make a list of tangible donations you can receive and make sure to include this option in your donation page.


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Option 5: Amazon Smile for fundraising

Amazon Smile is such a great option!

People normally buy many things from Amazon, so giving them the option to donate while buying the stuff they want without paying more for it is just excellent!


How to implement this fundraising options in my organization


There are more options you can give to your donors. Explore them and make sure to add them on your donation page.

Choose 5 that may work best for you and see how they are performing.


If some of them are not helping, try some others and iterate on the process until you find the donation options that work best for your fundraising goals.


You can always ensure the operation and effectiveness of digital strategies with a technology ally. Contact us.

We’ll be happy to help you increasing your fundraising with tecnology.



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