Junior Software Developer

Backend, Front-end, Full-Stack

Full-time employee

All types of junior profiles wanted:

Backend, front-end, Full stack.

Salary: COP $2,000,000 ~ USD $500

Skills to develop:

HTML CSS Python PHPJavascript ReactVue Devops AWS

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    GMT-09:00 a GMT-01:00

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Why does this opportunity exist?

  • We are looking for developers wanting to join a world-class software development company. Our team is highly skilled and experienced in a wide stack of technologies: web, backend, front-end, DevOps, mobile.

  • We require skilled developers of all levels to complement our team and implement high-performing applications with a great user experience.



  • Development and maintenance of web and mobile applications using PHP, HTML, and CSS.
  • Implementation of tests for the code you develop.
  • Provide daily status reports of your activities.

Additional requirements (other than skills)

  • Understanding of web and mobile product design and development.
  • Good written communication: as we work remotely, this is our main way of communication.
  • Self-Organization: Working from home has its challenges on self-organization, we want to make sure you can organize yourself to get work done. 
  • Initiative: We love people who propose solutions and do not stay just with what they are supposed to do, but go beyond. 
  • Teamwork: We work as a cohesive team, we want you to be able to work as a team with us. 
  • Self-learner: We learn all the time. We love people who before asking someone how to do something, have already searched and most of the time can learn on their own.

Better if you have: 

  • Experience working remotely.
  • Experience working in an IT environment.

Language (s) required

Spanish - Fully-fluent     English - Speaking and Reading


  • Every day is a new challenge because we are in continuous update, so we love to test and embrace new technologies, so be ready for constant learning.
  • All our internal communication is in English! Be ready to improve your English!
  • Communicate with clients in English if required.
  • Adapt to our continuous integration workflow.

Team on Pycon with Jacob Kaplan creator of Django, Eric Holscher creator of Read the Docs.

Career path

  • Swapps has been a great school for many developers. You have several opportunities to learn and practice most of the most current technologies and development good practices.
  • All our developers have the opportunity to grow together with the company. We never stop learning and improving.
  • You will be working with a great team of professionals willing to help you to become a better developer every day.
  • You don't have to wait years to increase your salary, if you demonstrate great capabilities and become a key player, you can easily multiply your salary in months.
  • You don't have to stay in the same path, you can change your role or explore other areas of interest.

About the organization

  • To follow best practices is a must, and constant learning is a daily job.
  • We are a company of developers for developers, so we perfectly understand the importance of remaining current in the industry and how to provide a great life balance for our team members.
  • Swapps has been in the market since 2013 and It has been constantly growing.
  • Our culture is friendly and no the traditional corporative one.
  • We focus on results, so if you do your job, we are not watching you to meet schedules.
  • Most of our team is remote but we love to see each other (if possible).
  • Titles, genre, or race is not our concern. We are a multi-diverse team.

Team Structure

  • Swapps is a global company with a presence in Colombia and the USA.
  • We are a multi-skilled team. You will have to work with people of different backgrounds: Administration, Engineering, Finance, Design, UX, Front-end, and backend developers, DevOps, marketing, sales.

Additional Benefits

  • In-person periodic retreats.
  • We provide a monthly amount so you cover utilities, chair, desk technology, and everything you need to work comfortably.
  • First-class medical insurance.
  • Work Schedule: Monday - Friday (40 hours).
  • Laptop upgrade budget.

Additional Compensation

  • Monthly cash to cover office expenses.
  • Performance bonus.
  • End of year bonus (Additional to the legal one).

Type of agreement

  • Undefined term contract with all the benefits with Swapps Colombia.
  • For the United States or Other countries, the contract is with Swapps USA LLC.

Application form

Junior Software Developer
e.g. Cali, Medellín, Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Panamá
e.g. Electrical engineer, computer scientist
e.g. https://www.linkeind.com/in/johndoe/

Maximum file size: 10MB

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