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Full-time employee

Capable of doing:

UX/UI Wireframes
QA and Testing
Requirement Collection
Performance Metrics
User Story Development

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Why does this opportunity exist?

  • We are growing as a company and we need extra help in our project management team.
  • We are looking for a high-skilled business analyst who can help us defining requirements for our clients.


  • Requirements collection, requirements analysis, user story development, backlog development, process modeling, and performance metrics.
  • Quality Assurance and Testing for IT projects. 
  • Developing wireframes with UX/UI for websites and applications.

Additional requirements (other than skills)

  • Understanding of web and mobile product design and development.
  • Great written communication: as we work remotely, this is our main way of communication.
  • Self-Organization: Working from home has its challenges on self-organization, we want to make sure you can organize yourself to get work done. 
  • Initiative: We love people who propose solutions and do not stay just with what they are supposed to do, but go beyond. 
  • Teamwork: We work as a cohesive team, we want you to be able to work as a team with us. 
  • Self-learner: We learn all the time. We love people who before asking someone how to do something, have already searched and most of the time can learn on their own.
  • Scope Management: Great communications skills for scope management of projects with clients.

Better if you have: 

  • Experience working remotely.
  • Experience working in an IT environment.

Language (s) required

Spanish - Fully-fluent     English - Speaking and Reading

What do we expect from you in the first three months?

  • Every day is a new challenge because we are in continuous update, so we love to test and embrace new technologies, so be ready for constant learning.
  • All our internal communication is in English! Be ready to improve your English!
  • Communicate with clients in English if required.
  • Adapt to our continuous integration workflow.
  • Successfully collect requirements of 2 new projects.
  • Create user stories based on requirements.
  • Create UX wireframes of 2 new projects.
  • Manage projects' backlogs.
  • Do Quality Assurance of 2 new projects and some current projects.

Team on Pycon with Jacob Kaplan creator of Django, Eric Holscher creator of Read the Docs.

Career path

  • Swapps has been a great school for many developers. You have several opportunities to learn and practice most of the most current technologies and development good practices.
  • All our developers have the opportunity to grow together with the company. We never stop learning and improving.
  • You will be working with a great team of professionals willing to help you to become a better developer every day.
  • You don't have to wait years to increase your salary, if you demonstrate great capabilities and become a key player, you can easily multiply your salary in months.
  • You don't have to stay in the same path, you can change your role or explore other areas of interest.

About the organization

  • To follow best practices is a must, and constant learning is a daily job.
  • We are a company of developers for developers, so we perfectly understand the importance of remaining current in the industry and how to provide a great life balance for our team members.
  • Swapps has been in the market since 2013 and It has been constantly growing.
  • Our culture is friendly and no the traditional corporative one.
  • We focus on results, so if you do your job, we are not watching you to meet schedules.
  • Most of our team is remote but we love to see each other (if possible).
  • Titles, genre, or race is not our concern. We are a multi-diverse team.

Team Structure

  • Swapps is a global company with a presence in Colombia and the USA.
  • We are 17 in total. CEO, CTO, CFO, COO, Administrative director, Accountant, Project Managers, backend developers, front-end developers, and UX designers.
  • Despite the role, we treat everybody as a team on the same level and help each other to achieve the objectives as a team

Additional Benefits

  • In-person periodic retreats.
  • We provide a monthly amount so you cover utilities, chair, desk technology, and everything you need to work comfortably.
  • First-class medical insurance.
  • Laptop upgrade budget.

Additional Compensation

  • Monthly cash to cover office expenses.
  • Performance bonus.
  • End of year bonus (Additional to the legal one).

Type of agreement

  • Undefined term contract with all the benefits with Swapps Colombia.

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Job - Business Analyst
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