Migrate to Drupal 9

According to the last Drupal announcement, Drupal 7's end of life (EOL) is scheduled for November 1, 2023. After that date, your Drupal 7 site will not receive security updates, new features or new modules. Now you can quickly migrate or upgrade your site to Drupal 9.


Why hurrying up the migration to Drupal 9:

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    Drupal 7 EOL is closer every day. The migration process may be complex, depending on your current site so you will require time to do it.

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    Drupal 8 has already reached its EOL, November 17, 2021.

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    Several modules are now part of Drupal core, meaning more functionalities with less external dependencies.

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    It is the best excuse for a site's redesign and look refreshing. Not only may your website's engine be updated but it is also an opportunity to refresh your site and make it more user friendly.

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    The next Drupal version, 10, is scheduled for December 2022. Even if it will be possible to migrate to it from Drupal 7; Drupal itself recommends migrating to version 9 to ease the version 10 migration process.

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    With Drupal 9, we may export all of the site's configuration to code. This way, you may revert to the desired state if something is changed by mistake; saving time when this occurs and avoiding losing information.

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    Drupal 9 version improves security, better performance and new features. Also, its interface is easier to use so you may Save time using the platform and invest it in creating content!

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    All of the new modules created by the Drupal community are Drupal 9 compatible, meaning you will be able to implement much more features in your website!

I want to migrate my website now

How is the process done?



Everything starts creating
a new blank Drupal 9 site.



Then, the basic configuration
is copied to this new site.



With this configuration, our
frontend team will implement
your site's design using Drupal
9's new template system.



Our backend team will set up the migration scripts. Don't worry. No data will be lost.



You will have weekly or biweekly meetings with the project manager to be updated with the status of the migration.



Once finished and approved by you, we will coordinate a date and time to migrate your current production instance.

Our clients are happy
with our migration work.

I appreciated Swapps' positive attitude and patience as we have requested many changes across all our projects!


If you have questions, feel free to ask.
We will be glad to help you.

We will be happy to migrate your site and
convert it to a state of the art website!