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Key Elements

With Swapps’ back up you will be able to assure
that the development team is entirely and exclusively
concentrated on your company’s project and requirements



Every team member focuses totally on one project, eliminating multitasking and working with exclusivity. This allows the necessary expertise for task development.

We assure our professional’s availability to organizations that are tired of getting delayed solutions from their technology provider, and that depend on their collaborators to advance in the development process

  • Reprocesses reduction
  • Cost decline
  • Total time usage

Delivery Time

Dedicated teams have the expertise, experience, and mentoring from your technological partner; all of which are necessary for successful project development.

We work with organizations that are experiencing delays with their IT solutions, giving them fast solutions and immediate responses to complex development situations. Assuring full availability from a professional and dedicated team.

  • Task and delivery time reduction
  • Complete investment reports
  • Immediate response in a timely moment

Back Up

Not only do we assign a team, but we also train and mentor them in project execution, we recommend the best in technology and we commit to not allowing any team rotation situation, get to impact the business operation or traceability. Our commitment is to your success.

We work with companies that want to ensure the scalability and efficiency of their projects with the guidance of a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and the implementation of agile methodologies.

  • Assignment of necessary team members, which means that, if you want to speed up the project, you can include more developers.
  • Standardized best practices for performance, security, and scalability.
  • Monday to Friday support.

Available profiles

Dedicated Team

Backend Developer


Django - Flask


WordPress - Drupal - Laravel

Frontend Developer


Vue - React

Don’t worry, we are here to solve your questions from moment zero

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All companies that wish to grow with technology, saving time and money in projects carried out together with their tech partner.

Having a dedicated team will give you the ability to create in less time, with less investment, and following quality standards that will help scale your project.

Always hand in hand with Swapps.

If you have a project in mind but you still don't know for sure which profiles you need in your dedicated team, you can fill out the form at the end of the section and we will guide you through the process.

The assigned group of developers focuses entirely and exclusively on the project and requests of your company, without distractions and without endless waiting to make deliveries.

This translates into an optimization of the time of the dedicated team, and therefore, an optimization of your investment.

We want to facilitate your process, so we invite you to fill out the form at the end of this section to personalize your experience. Additionally, you can ask for a quote for the ideal team for your project

You can find your dedicated team by following two simple steps:

  • Define a project and land the basic requirements
  • Get advice from a technology expert like Swapps. Fill out the form to personalize your consulting experience

Yes, you can choose the time availability of your team, part-time or full-time.

You must hire a dedicated team but you still do not know if it fits your budget. With Profiler you can make the quotes you want to find the team that best suits your needs.

You also receive the guidance and support of your partner in technology: Swapps.


M3 Health

The ability to have a team that offers a variety of skills.
That is the difference of hiring a person with a specific
set of skills compared to a team that can offer more things.



Kevin Karg

I have been working with Swapps for years. Their dedication
to getting the job done--no matter what it takes--is amazing.
They consistently find ways to improve the design and functionality
of our site while always keeping budget in mind. They not only do
a great job on tasks, but they empower us with the right tools to take
on more development work in-house, saving us time and money.


Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Andres and Jose of the Swapps team are professional
and responsive problem-solvers. They've provided support
to the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists for years and are
a trusted resource.


Zuckerman Law

Jason Zuckerman

Andres and his team do terrific work and are very responsive.
They also provide important advice to stay current with
the newest SEO trends and developments.


Kazemi Oral Surgery

Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi

Andres and his team have been part of our team for years
and I can not say enough about their level of knowledge
and expertise as well as response on our web design and
maintenance. As an oral surgeon we manage both our
practice website as well as our educational website and the
SWAPPS team has always been there to make sure each
is running smooth and staying updated. We appreciate all
the great work and support.

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Our consultants will analyze your case and will schedule
a personalized meeting to guide you to a plan that suits best your needs.

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