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Experiences mediated by virtual reality or VR

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On August 6, the MIT Technology Review published an article written by Hana Kiros about the similarity of VR and psychedelics in the sensation of reaching transcendence.


Hana Kiros’ article tells us about David Glowacki, Isness-D and her experience of self-transcendence through VR.


Read: VR is as good as psychedelics at helping people reach transcendence


An experience out of this world 


Isness-D was designed by David Glowacki after living a near-death experience, with the aim of using virtual reality (VR) to reproduce something known as a “self-transcendence experience” derived, in some cases, from the use of psychedelics.


The experience of self-transcendence also exists in a spectrum of experiences, some stronger than others. And since there are different ways to get to it, the Isness-D is just one more.


The sensation of observing everything from the outside that experiences such as observing the planet from space provide, create a sensation of connection with humanity, a sensation of transcendence.



Curious fact


Meditation is also one of the paths used to reach self-transcendence, and may or may not be linked to virtual reality.

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