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A website can be attractive, functional and scalable, but at the same time it must guarantee web accessibility. This is an advantage in a world that is moving towards inclusion.


What is the purpose of accessibility?


When we talk about guaranteeing accessibility on a website, we refer to its ability to adequately reach different users, taking into account that they may be neuro-diverse and they could have visual or hearing disabilities.


Accessibility supports social inclusion for people with disabilities as well as others, such as older people, people in rural areas, and people in developing countries. Accessibility also benefits people without disabilities.

Web Accessibility Initiative 


In the case of websites, we can contribute to equality by giving special attention to the information we offer to people and how easy it is to access this information. Having advantages such as a growth of our audience.


We are not equal, but we require equal opportunities


Position yourself from other perspectives


To ensure good web accessibility we need to think about the different ways in which our website can be reached and the various life experiences of our potential visitors.


We must ask ourselves from which devices users approach, what characteristics may have the people who visit our website (language, special reading conditions), and how a person with some type of disability can access the information.


Then we can generate significant changes in the user experience taking into account different perspectives and life experiences.


And to achieve this, as explained in Trust Radius “[…] The ideal website has both an engaging use of color and responsive design and accessible code.”


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Garantee your sites web accesibility


We all like to be considered


Ensuring a good user experience on our website and making our users feel accepted and included in a technologically advanced society, empathically brings us closer to other audiences as well as to other possible alliances.


This is why for organizations, having an accessible website has advantages such as strengthening the brand image with users and in the market, by highlighting easy access to its content, its website and the experiences it generates.


Is your website accessible?


You can check your website accessibility with this Guide to Website Accesibility created by Hubspot, or test your website with other organizations as   Vision-Aid


And if you want to guarantee or improve the accessibility of your website, or want it to be more agreeable and inclusive, contact us to help you achieve it.



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