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Languages: from speech to programming

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Languages are the passion of many who want to travel, learn about cultures and grow professionally. And programming languages?


At Swapps we love languages, programming languages.


Those instructions, algorithms, data and actions that allow us to give life to all our projects.


Unam provides us with a simple definition of the function of programming languages:

“The main function of programming languages is to write programs that allow user-machine communication. Special programs (compilers or interpreters) convert the instructions written in source code into instructions written in machine language (0 and 1).


And since programming languages are our great interpreters, a digital dictionary that translates a line of text in the most innovative digital projects, it is important to know which are the most used.


In 2021 Stack Overflow, the great right hand of code developers, that hand that we hold even before reading the documentation of a certain language or framework, presented a very complete report (take a look) from which we highlight:


The most popular programming languages:

popular lg

Other languages above 20% popularity among the 58,000+ professional developers surveyed are Node.js, Java, C#, and PHP.


The most popular web development frameworks:

popular lg

There is a congruence between the first place of the most popular programming languages and the most popular frameworks, since most of them are frameworks of the JavaScript programming language. These results were taken from nearly 50,000 respondents.


At Swapps we bring programming languages to life:

  • Python as a programming language, Django as a framework and a lot of help from HTML/CSS have given life to client projects such as Sidoc and some of our own products such as Instacobro and IDK.
  • Vue.js, a JavaScript front-end framework, has been a great tool for Swapps and our client M3Health, as it and a lot of help from the HTML/CSS programming language have brought their projects to life.
  • Other projects of our clients Swapps NCARB, N4H, Atomic Bulletin among others are implemented on WordPress and Drupal, projects that are brought to life thanks to the rudimentary but always reliable programming language PHP (Own opinion).


int 3


What benefits does it have for our clients that we know about programming languages?


Identify the most suitable.

When we are going to start a new project or add new functionalities to an existing project, it is pertinent to have a wide portfolio of programming languages ​​in order to select the most appropriate for each case.



Having in our team a diversity of knowledge in terms of programming languages ​​and being in continuous learning, allows us to tackle all kinds of challenges, quickly adjust to them and offer the best solutions.


Interesting combinations.

At Swapps we are creative, curious and we love to be at the forefront.


That is why in many of our current projects and those that are on the agenda, we think of mixing programming languages ​​and technologies to make them the most efficient and innovative.


Business opportunities

Knowing the world of programming languages ​​has allowed us to help our clients and our Swapps Projects internally to identify opportunities for improvement in order to continuously add value to them.


Write us here if you want to launch your own platform or start with a Minimum Viable Product.

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