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Mothers in Tech, a new experience

mom in tech

Regarding Mother’s Day, we want to show a little more about the experience of a woman, colleague and friend, who is one of the mothers  who work in the technology sector, a mother in tech.


Karen: A day of a mom working in technology.


I have been working as a project manager at Swapps for 5 years, and 3 years ago my life changed completely, making me one of the moms in tech or mother working in the technology industry.


A beautiful baby came to challenge my way of being, my values and my time. Everything was rethought, because the routine, responsibilities and priorities are shaped again.


Working in technology as a mother has been 

a great experience full of support with this new role.

and I would like to tell you why.


My day starts at 6:00 am, a little earlier than the time my son opens his eyes. I take a bath and prepare breakfast; he wakes up at 6:30 and we have breakfast together. We treasure that initial moment of the day, so special for both of us.


Then, we do the whole morning routine to go to the kindergarten.


He, at his young age, understands the routine that we have established, so he leaves at 7:30 am and returns from the school at 3:30 pm. During that time, I dedicate myself completely to my work.


I love the flexibility I have to work remotely, this allows me to start working as soon as he leaves. Can you imagine having to move all over the city?


While I’m working, I keep my cell phone nearby, because you never know when something might happen to your son. I have the flexibility to take a call from school or even leave if an emergency occurs, knowing that my team will support me.


In the afternoon I take a break from work when he gets home so that we can share some time together before continuing with my tasks. These breaks are usually scheduled, since at the beginning of each week I organize my daily routine.


One of the great advantages in the technology sector is that you work by objectives, therefore, as a mother who works in the technology sector, this gives you even more flexibility if you organize yourself well and achieve your objectives early.


For example, when I was breastfeeding, working from home was a great option. It was the best! Since I even nursed him during meetings, if necessary.


I think this allowed me to prolong my breastfeeding as long as I decided (31 months in my case), an advantage over mothers who work at an office and or other economic sectors.


We all know being a mother is difficult enough to not have support in your job.


So getting into tech could have considerable advantages as it is definitely a great industry for you if you want to be a mom or if you are already one of the mothers in tech. #MomInTech.


Advantages: Flexible hours, working from home, goal-oriented work, and great benefits are just the icing on the cake on your mommy journey.


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