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What is digital transformation and how to implement it

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has become a key for the survival of organizations since they largely depend on the use of digital technologies and tools for their operation after Covid-19.


A clear pattern of this progress is the development of electronic commerce, the automation of processes and the adoption of cloud platforms. For example, the current web development of small and medium companies, and the app development for companies of diverse economic sectors such as construction, food production and sports, as well as the use of remote work tools in different companies worldwide.


But we still have a long way to go in terms of artificial intelligence technologies implementation, analytics, big data, and solutions to reduce corruption in various stages.


What is digital transformation?


In a few words, digital transformation refers to the changes associated with the application of digital technology in all aspects of society, whether in the field of business, government, health systems, sports, education, and entrepreneurship, among many others.


It means that digital transformation implies a change in the application or use of technology in the different areas of a company or a society improving the performance or reach of companies or projects.


5 steps to implement digital transformation


Explore other options to teamwork 

Thanks to converging technologies we can work from anywhere, at any time and from different devices. Therefore we must be prepared as a company for new challenges such as information security, connectivity, internal and external customer loyalty, and time management.


Listen to your customers

In this era our customers play a new role as prosumers, it means that they constantly consume and produce information. This is why the information must be simple and direct.

Explore your options to create personalized interaction and constant connection with customers, in an automated way.


Visit: How to improve customer relationships through personalized experiences


Treasure the information

We could be one step ahead of the information loss and avoid it by taking advantage of new resources such as the cloud service. All of this, deciding what type of information should be stored and where, greatly reducing the cost and complexity of IT administration.


Analyze constantly

Data analysis can help us capture business opportunities. But to archive this, we must ensure an efficient data backup and recovery system for later analysis.


Make things happen

Change andaptation and the constant rotation of business needs are the key for the resilience of our companies.

Encourage innovation, ideas and actions to grow your business opportunities; being agile in the face of the change of paradigm and vision that digital transformation implies.


Remember, the objective is to grow the organization by obtaining competitive advantages, generating value, and discovering new business opportunities, always counting on the advice of experts in the field, who guide the process and enhance your company’s opportunities.


Have you approached digital transformation in any area of your company? 

Tell us how you take advantage of new technologies to optimize your business.


And contact us to transform your company. Swapps is your ally experienced in technology.



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