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Creating an app: 5 questions to answer before building your app


Creating an app is a great investment, so you have to make sure your app will be successful. In this article, I will propose 5 main questions to ask yourself before creating your app and validate if it is the best decision.

Can I make an MVP before creating the app?

Maybe you can test your idea with simpler tools than an app. Get creative!

For example: If I want to create an app to connect people who want to play a certain sport , create teams and schedule the field; I can try first with a facebook/whatsapp group in which people can start saying what they want to play, at what time and I can manually schedule the field for them. In this way I can start validating my idea, see if it is useful, if people are willing to use it and start knowing better my user, before even investing in a whole app.

Have I gained enough insights on my idea?

You have to make sure you have made proper tests and know for sure there are people willing to really pay for your app.

Following the sports example, the facebook/whatsapp group will let me gain a lot of insights on my users and finally see if they are willing to pay for an app that does this for them or not.

Can this work in a different way or does it have mandatorily to be an app?

Make sure you have clear the reasons why this idea has to be an app and is not just because you think it should.

Maybe our sports idea could be a website? A sports social network? Or even just stay as a facebook/whatsapp group? You can only decide this after interacting a lot and gaining as much insights as possible from your potential users.

Is there anything similar on the market?

Sure there is, so have clear what makes you stand out from your competitors.

In just a quick search I could find several projects that are working on the same sports idea, like for example this one:
There is always something similar being done. So try to search really good and find those similar projects. Then, be very clear on the added value you put in your idea and what is that specific thing that makes you different.

Do you have a great team to develop your app?

If finally, making an app is the deal, make sure you have a great team to develop it as this is crucial to success.

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