We are happy to announce that the 4h at home project has been finished.
This is a microsite we created in just two weeks for national 4h council whose objective, according to their official website, is

4‑H at Home provides hands-on, educational activities for kids and teens to do while they’re home from school during COVID-19. Get our latest 4‑H at Home Activity Guide, activities from 4‑H Land-Grant Universities, and more.

The making process: Creating a microsite in two weeks

National 4-H Council provided us all the texts, media assets, visual representations or mockups for both mobile and desktop devices and also a list of behavior requirements that were used as guides to start the implementation.

We created a site with different sections such as: 

Slider: where you can explore with the left and right arrows on activities.  

activities slider. Creating a microsite in two weeks: 4-H at Home

Preview: where you can see a sneak peek of each activity. 

activities preview. Creating a microsite in two weeks: 4-H at Home

Filter: where you can filter activities based on the grade and topic you want. 

activities filter.

The biggest challenge for this project was the time span: the client required the project to be finished in two weeks. For this reason, we divided the project: in the first week, we did the core implementation and the base frontend work to implement the design.

Responsive Design

In the second week, we focused on clearing details and implementing the responsive design for each device; making sure the page looks nice on all available devices and browsers in the market.

4-h at home responsive view on iPhone SE. Creating a microsite in two weeks.
4-h at home responsive view on iPhone SE
4-h at home responsive view on iPad Pro. Creating a microsite in two weeks.
4-h at home responsive view on iPad Pro

Finally, we finished the site as you may see it here https://4-h.org/about/4-h-at-home/.

Great contributions of women in Software

What Our Client Said 

4h at home testimony

Our client was very happy with this project

Phase 2

But the project is not over, we are currently working on phase 2; where we will implement new features and apply new improvements to match the client’s new requirements.

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