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Benefits of having your own website

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The web has become our means to grow as companies and have a global presence, therefore, knowing the benefits of having your own website is essential for our organizations.


There are over 1 billion websites today


Some websites are more complex than others, but each one represents our company’s own “home” or place on the web.


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And despite the fact that social networks host different profiles, many organizations choose to have their own site and mobile applications, since the information exposed on social networks is more fragile and there is less control over it, compared to a website.


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We tell you why it is essential to have your own website and its benefits:


Benefits of having your own website


  • Have a web presence. Currently, all information searches go through the web, so it is essential to have a good presence on it.
  • Have a “home” or main place in the web ecosystem.
  • Change the information and structure according to the needs of your business.
  • Add the number of pages, information and applications you want..
  • Monetize your products and services.
  • Have the knowledge of what your customers are looking for, applying SEO.
  • Reach a broader or specialized audience depending on the objective.
  • Be sure that your site is secure, updated and is a well-performing website. Always with the advice and support of an ally in digital technology.
  • Carry out effective advertising campaigns that feed your social networks.
  • Monetize through ads.
  • Have information that contributes to social networks and other media.
  • Constantly work on the experience of your users, without limitations.
  • Have access to data or metrics of the visits made.


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How to know what type of website applies to my company?


There is no one like friends to receive advice on what to do with your business, and at Swapps we consider ourselves an exceptional technological ally to guide you in selecting the type of website according to your business.


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To find out what type of website applies to your business, you can start by asking the following questions:


Do you want to offer products or services?


If so, your business should be within an E-commerce type website.


However, if you only want to advertise a new version of a product or run an advertising campaign to attract more customers who are interested in it, the best thing to do would be to opt for a Microsite-type website.


Do you want to publish content regularly?


If your business already has information defined, such as a detailed portfolio, a work team, and other information of interest that will change little or nothing over time, the type of website that is needed is a Corporate Website type.


On the contrary, if your business wants to make regular publications and make constant changes to the content, the correct type of website to select would be a Blog / Informative website.


Do your business customers need to interact with the site?


If your business needs customers to have access to many tools such as uploading a sales report, making real-time calculations regarding a budget, uploading and downloading images, entering information for the construction of graphics or another function that you can think of or request, websites of the Web Application type would be meeting the expectations and requirements of your customers.


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We can obtain many benefits by having our own site, and there are different types of websites that facilitate the fulfillment of objectives in companies.


For this reason, it is always ideal to have a transparent, agile ally who offers us excellent support, who guides us in the process of creating and maintaining our sites or applications.


If you want to create your own website or you think that your website needs to be updated to generate a better experience for your customers, and therefore increase the possibility of sales, write to us.


We are your ally in digital technology.


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