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The Best Apps To Take Care of the Environment

green apps

The conservation and care of the planet is one of the most common concerns that exist worldwide, and technology can facilitate this path towards the conservation of natural resources. Some apps manage to help us understand a little more about the proper disposal of waste, others are very useful to facilitate the planting and care of plants at home, and others manage to help us measure our carbon footprint day by day .


So, we can see that planting trees is just one of the existing ways to contribute to the care and conservation of the environment. In this note we recommend some apps that help you take care of the environment from anywhere and in different ways.


  • Guía Reciclaje

Teaches us how to separate waste correctly. It includes a container search engine so that the user can always consult their doubts when classifying.


Through a system of complaints, it allows to map zones with high concentration of garbage. In addition, it promotes a culture based on good sustainable practices.


  • Ecosia

Private browser who plants trees with his income.


It offers challenges to perform, news, calendar of events, information about air quality and information about noise pollution.


In addition to helping to calculate the carbon footprint of our daily activities, it mobilizes change through recommendations.


Helps to promote environmental care through playing.


It allows you to keep a daily record of care for houseplants and works as a reminder for future care.


Among other apps that plants trees if you use them is Forest, one of the most recommended apps for keeping concentration through tasks.


Take action for the planet


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