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The 5 best apps for dads

apps for dads

Recently we  published the Top 5 Apps for Moms, but today it’s fathers’ turn. That’s why we want to recommend some apps for dads, which will surely make your life easier.


Apps for Dads



The application that uses artificial intelligence and cognitive behavioral therapy to combat insomnia.


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If you want to watch sports like F1 anywhere from your mobile device, it’s the one.


You could watch it from different devices.



Perfect to choose the best route to travel or reach your daily destinations. 



One of the most outstanding apps to improve intellectual performance, attention and memory just playing.


Recipes for Kids:

Here you can find easy, fun and healthy recipes to feed children.


These preparations can be a great activity to do as a family.


 All help is valid when it comes to solving doubts

As new parents


For this reason, to the previous list of apps for dads we want to add 3 apps that are especially useful for new parents.


Growth Book:

In it you can keep track of the growth of children from 0 to 5 years old, according to the standards of the World Health Organization (WHO).


As well as keeping a vaccination schedule and acting early in case of any developmental delay.


It also has a food tracker to monitor your child ‘s nutrition and to get cooking options. Making it one of the most complete apps for dads.


First Aid App – The American Red Cross:

It helps you to know and learn basic first aid techniques.


Montessori Activities:

Here you can find activities that promote the development of children’s skills.


All activities are based on the Montessori philosophy, and parents will be able to take part in them.


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Which app for dads would you add to the list?

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