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A simple strategy to organize your day when working at home


Working remotely may seem cool as you manage your own time. But don’t let this go against you. Managing your own time does not mean you don’t have a schedule; you must have one in order to accomplish every task you have in your day. In this document, you will see a simple strategy to organize your day and make sure everything runs smoothly.

First Step: Inventory

Make an inventory of everything you have to do in a day. For example: 

  • Waking up
  • Having a shower
  • Making/Having breakfast/lunch/dinner
  • Cleaning the house
  • Working 
  • Studying
  • Personal project
  • Recreation
  • Time with family
  • Go to the market

Add everything you have, don’t miss anything.

Second Step: Screening

Go through the following questions for each of the things you have to do in a day. 

After doing this you will have a filtered inventory, now with the right tasks.

Third Step: Schedule

You will make a schedule with your inventory, it does not have to be hour by hour, just in general as in this example:

Important Tips:

  • Define a time to wake up and sleep. Make sure the hours you sleep work for you and let you be productive and active during your day. Sleeping well is key for productivity.
  • Don’t start your day looking at your phone, answering a thousand emails or messages, or going directly to your computer. Have a daily routine that prepares you for the day.
  • Make sure you have a recreation space or “me time”, this will help your wellbeing a lot. 

You can consider having your own schedule on paper, but if you are more to the technological side, you can make your schedule on Google Sheets. I personally love using Asana for my daily tasks and I also use Toggl to track the time I take on each activity.

We will never have “more time”, we all have the same hours in a day, but what we can do is organize ourselves and give the appropriate time to what is important to us in our lives and in our professional path.