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Swapps is an American company. We provide website, mobile and tech support to important organizations across the world and we focus on creating value for them day by day. Our main goal is to take care of their tech so they can run their business smoothly.

Swapps Team on 2023 Summit

How Do We Do It?

We make what seems imposible, possible

There are always challenges in terms of development and operations, we believe that nothing is impossible to solve or do, so we always look for the best ways possible to achieve our goals.

We never stop learning

If we don't know something, we are always willing to search and constantly learn.

We are always improving

Continuous improvement is important for us. We take into account all the honest feedback given by everyone
in the team in order to make things better each time.


How we work and communicate


At Swapps you will practice a lot of your English. As our clients
are mostly from the United States, our communication is in English mainly. We use Slack to communicate within the team and email for institutional communications or work

We work with Agile and Kanban methodologies and use ClickUp to organize our daily tasks and project management.
For calls and video calls we use Zoom or Slack calls. We also use Toggl to keep track of the time we spend on our tasks and be transparent with our clients.

Most of our team works remotely, but you have the option to work from the office whenever you want. We have a daily short meeting at the beginning of the day to know the status of projects, how each team member is doing and any roadblocks that may appear in the day.


On Fridays, we make a weekly wrap up of what we did well and what we need help with.

We also gather once a month, so we see our faces personally
and share some time together out of work, we normally go to
eat or do cool activities.

Perks of working at Swapps

Free Education

As we said before, we never stop learning.

So you will have access to online courses

in the topic you are interested in.

The important thing is to always

be learning something.


As part of our company is in the

The United States, there are possibilities

of traveling there whenever

it is convenient.


We have been sponsors and speakers

of great events as Pycon.

So by being on the Swapps team,

you will be able to attend these

kinds of events and even giving a workshop or talk anytime.


I get it, building a remote-based business is not an easy task. It requires some ingredients to get to a point where the business can be even more efficient than a physical-based one.

How can you grow in the company

Many of our employees have started as junior, going to semi-senior, and finally senior front-end, back-end or full-stack developers You can also go for the path of DevOps or Project Management. We have a special department in charge of helping you grow towards the career path you choose.

How we measure your success

We do a monthly review of how you did in the month. We have performance indicators and also behavioral indicators. In this review you will receive comments on positive things to highlight your job during the month, aspects you can improve and future goals to achieve.

How we hire

What we look for the most is for the eager to learn. We love self-taught people who go over the roadblocks and get things done.

We like doing technical questions, we want to know that you really understand the things behind what you are doing.
We also do a technical test to get to know your abilities. On this test, we want to know how you manage things, you don't have to know everything, so searching in google during the test is perfect for us.

Vacantes 2023
e.g. Cali, Medellín, Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Panamá
e.g. Electrical engineer, computer scientist
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